Adventurestore Chorgasse


O U T D O R. Going out is actually going in. Nearly 200 years after Lenz went "into the mountains," outdoor stores are bringing the mountains into the city - and the anticipation of adventure into the shopping cart. In the process, tech-wear promises the force of nature and protection from it - even lighter, even more practical - and stylish, too. You get lost in rain chambers and between climbing walls, dry food & light tents and in the jungle of GPS devices - you better be prepared.

Fynn Malte Schmidt explores the promise, appeal and aesthetics of this market segment. Whether the bird between the leaves is real or not, it doesn't matter. Between small and big adventures you can just have a lot of fun. But: Happiness is an idea that's obsolete.

Language: German
Duration: 60 Minutes


David Attenberger, Sofia Borsani, Annabelle Sersch

Production Team

Regie: Fynn Malte Schmidt

Bühne: Elisabeth Fritsch

Sound: David Bircher

Fynn Malte Schmidt

David Attenberger

Sofia Elena Borsani

Annabelle Sersch

Elisabeth Fritsch