Three Prices, Your Choice

As of the 2020/2021 season, the Neumarkt–as well as Gessnerallee, Theater Winkelwiese, Tanzhaus Zürich, and Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik–has introduced a self-determined ticket price system. Here you decide for yourself which of three prices represent what you can pay:CHF 45, CHF 30, or CHF 15.

Do you agree to the usual market price in Switzerland of CHF 45 and in this way show solidarity with the theater and those who are dependent on lower prices? Or do you prefer to be situated in the budget-conscious mid-range? Are you short on cash this month? Generous? Stingy? Undecided as to whether it is worth it or not?

The Neumarkt finds such a price model simpler, fairer, and more transparent, because what is cheap for one person is expensive for another. None of the three prices correlates to the seat location or the value or costs of a production – rather the optional price structure is an invitation to all visitors to decide for themselves which price best corresponds to their personal situation.

Art and culture don’t come for free – in particular, running a theater is staff-intensive, and in addition to the proverbial heart and soul, theater also requires many hours of work by artists, technicians, administrators, and many other staff and professionals. At the Neumarkt, e.g., there are approximately fifty persons working intensively on planning and implementing the program, on concepts and costumes, in the ticket office and in the upholstery…culture is an asset that societies render; it is not independent of the economy, but reaches far beyond it in terms of its impact: culture is not just an enhancing factor of a city as a place, it is also art, discussion, encounter, contact, inspiration, or education – we all invest in it so that as many as possible might profit from it.

For Your Orientation: Previously a regular theater ticket cost CHF 45 and the CHF 15 price for extraordinarily discounted tickets was intended for young persons or those in financial need. There were also many other different categories for which ID cards, documentation, or memberships were necessary. Under the new system, there is no need of these discount categories anymore. “Three prices, one choice.” We trust the viewers and their valuation.

Previous Reductions Still in Effect – only at the box office:

  • Free entry for persons with Swiss residency permits N (asylum-seekers) or F (provisionally admitted foreigners)
  • Reduction of CHF 5 for holders of Zürcher Kantonalbank ZKB customer cards
  • CHF 5 tickets for all Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK and MA Expanded Theater, Bern University of the Arts HKB students (only with valid ID; no reservations, no tickets for premieres or external events; bookings available only five minutes before the start of the performance, provided there are still tickets available)

There are no longer any discounts for schoolchildren, students, apprentices/interns, persons under thirty years of age, Neumarkt Theater Club members, persons receiving disability or retirement pensions (IV/AHV), or persons with a KulturLegi ID (limited means). The cheapest ticket at CHF 15 is intended to replace all these previous discounts.