Code of Conduct


The Theater am Neumarkt, founded in 1966, is a self-producing, independent theatre that has its own ensemble, workshops and stage technology. Since it began, the theatre has worked in the tradition of the collective and locates itself between the poles of contemporary art and political discourse; this is what defines the theatre’s sense of identity.

The Theater am Neumarkt sees itself as a place for artistic experiment, as a gathering place and a space for possibilities. It stands for innovative and stylistically influential work and puts contemporaneity, participation, diversity and questioning the role of institutions at the centre of all its endeavours. A change of direction every four to six years creates the opportunity for artistic re-orientation and positioning. The institutional frame ensures and promotes artistic freedom. The Theater am Neumarkt stands for the courage to take risks, to create ruptures, new beginnings and to be daring. It sees itself as an institution that participates in society’s discourse in a meaningful and responsible way and functions as a role model.

In this sense, the Theater am Neumarkt commits itself to following this code of conduct, which reflects the values and goals of the theatre and which was jointly formulated by staff members from different departments.

This code of conduct is a living document that reflects discourse in society and its development, and will therefore be updated in regular intervals as required.