For an Unconditional Theater

LOVE PLAY FIGHT is our CREED and BATTLE CRY, an invitation and a challenge posed to the city and artists. Under this MOTTO we are transforming the Theater Neumarkt into NEUMARKT and creating an institution with four divisions–PLAYGROUND, THEATER, ACADEMY, AND DIGITAL–where persons of conviction can love, play, and argue.

We believe that the Neumarkt invites and encourages these kinds of engagement based on its eventful history. The Neumarkt is one of the few institutions that has commissioned artistic experiment and institutional critique. This place has repeatedly made itself vulnerable to attack and through these means has triggered discussion. We want to take this quality of the Neumarkt to the limit and try to radicalize it. Our aim is to establish a place that loves, fights, plays, breathes, moves, argues, and allows contradictions.

We plan to work as an advisory collective and develop a culture in which we make decisions and take responsibility for them mutually. We realize that collective direction and flat hierarchies require more exchange and greater skills in conducting dialogue and dealing with conflict. We can do it. Especially when it is about condensing and bringing different things together, we trust that collective processes produce more interesting results than conventional hierarchical management structures.

We want to be a place that invites everyone to jointly ask what is worth loving, playing, and fighting for. Zurich needs a place like this.

We’re serious aboutLOVE PLAY FIGHT and that’s what we stand for.
Your Neumarkt