Vom Zeugenschutz des Raubwürgers

World premiere of a piece by Kevin Rittberger.

When the "Academy for Non-Human Legal Persons" meets before the big day of the trial, a tumult ensues:
Who is the legal entity here? Who is speaking? And for whom? What does a thinking forest sound like? Is there a common strategy?
So here they are, in front of one of the largest environmental processes in history - a myth commissioner, a coach, a pragmatic and a spiritual lawyer, a bioacoustician and a diplomat of a non-linguistic soundsemiotics - and it is about nothing less than the lawsuit of the last contiguous forests on earth. 

Together with the ensemble, houaïda, Kai Schumann and Kevin Rittberger get up close and personal with beings that we cannot understand, listen to the earth howl and the forest think and translate: by every trick in the book. 

Language German / English
Duration: 80 Minutes

June 2024











David Attenberger, Yara Bou Nassar, Challenge Gumbodete, houaïda, Kai Schumann und Sascha Ö. Soydan 

Production Team

Text & Regie: Kevin Rittberger

Bühne & Kostüm: Han Le Han

Komposition: houaïda

Video: Camille Lacadee

Dramaturgie: Hayat Erdoğan

Voiceover: Lara Stoll und Sophia Senn

Regieassistenz: Sophia Senn

Ausstattungsassistenz: Noé Wetter

Regiehospitanz: Paul Grimshaw

David Attenberger

Yara Bou Nassar

Challenge Gumbodete

Kai Schumann

Sascha Özlem Soydan

Kevin Rittberger

Han Le Han


Hayat Erdoğan

Lara Stoll

Sophia Senn

Noé Wetter