Mirjam Zadoff: Violence and memory - global remembrance in the 21st century

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Against forgetting: In her book "Violence and Memory", Mirjam Zadoff examines how crises and wars, injustice and oppression are remembered worldwide. Zadoff reports on Anne Frank and the black GI Leon Bass, who reached the Buchenwald concentration camp in 1945 but was not allowed to enter restaurants in his home country because: "Whites only". Zadoff writes about forced prostitutes in Japan, about the victims of the Holocaust and colonialism in Johannesburg, South Africa, she writes about biographies that are shaped by different experiences of war or discrimination, even across generations. It is about all of us.

Sylke Gruhnwald and Julia Reichert ask Mirjam Zadoff: How can we agree on common narratives -- against forgetting the past, for a future that we are aware of?

Language German

June 2024