Memo von Nemo – Nachrichten aus der Tiefe

A musical dive for people from 6

"A river god who laughs because the water tickles him."
Maurice Ravel

"Something is watching you, intently, but you can't see it.... Interwoven with ... the gray-green seaweed all around, hides an animal the size of a cat. Yet its body seems to be everywhere and nowhere. Almost nothing about it has any particular shape. The only thing you can hold on to is a small head and the two eyes."
Peter Godfrey- Smith

Two dive down. Deep down into the blue sea. Like young seals. Will you come with me? What a world. The reef is colorful, the deep sea is like a starry sky. Do you know animals from the deep sea? From the coral reef? Fantastic creatures live down there. And there is a music there - glittering, sparkling, roaring high or gurgling low, effervescent like a water piano or buzzing like a whale song. An adventure! But what kind of adventure? One where we have to defeat the beast? Or one where we learn to see the world a little more through its eyes? 

We humans know less about the ocean floor than we do about the moon. Every deep-sea voyage encounters hitherto unknown creatures. And even the familiar ones are strange to us. Some fish have their own lighting, others antifreeze. Lobsters have different personalities. An octopus has three hearts, blue blood, changes shape and color. It feels and tastes and thinks with its whole body. People find it hard to believe that animals have real feelings - especially those that are so different from themselves. But there are important secrets to learn from them. How do you make contact with someone so different from yourself?  

For Jules Verne, 20,000 leagues under the sea was the world of monsters. Today, we learn new, fascinating, inspiring and funny things every day from and about the depths of the sea from which we also come. Women researchers are recording the sound of healthy reefs to help revive abandoned reefs. 
With fish fun facts and a sea of sounds, Anna-Sophie Mahler, Sophie Krayer, the musicians Jade Nerling & Stefan Wirth and the Neumark Ensemble invite adults and children aged 6 and up into a mystical world that only nature can dream up.

Language German
Duration 70 Minutes

Unterstützt durch Ernst Göhner Stiftung


Sofia Elena Borsani, Max Kraus, Jade Nerling und Stefan Wirth

Production Team

Regie: Anna-Sophie Mahler

Dramaturgie: Julia Reichert

Ausstattung: Sophie Krayer

Musik: Maurice Ravel, Jade Nerling und Stefan Wirth

Regieassistenz: Lorena Cipriano

Ausstattungsassistenz: Tamuna Karumidze

Sofia Elena Borsani

Maximilian Kraus

Jade Nerling

Stefan Wirth

Anna-Sophie Mahler

Julia Reichert

Sophie Krayer

Lorena Cipriano

Tamuna Karumidze