Der untalentierte Mister R.

The Social Death or Bourgeois in Drag

Jan Koslowski writes a German-French rewrite of Patrica Highsmith's cult novel "The Talented Mister Ripley" about social death, wrapped in shimmering melancholy, the longing for dolce far niente in class struggle and dolce vita to end-time capitalism. With the great question that Patricia Highsmith already asked herself: Why done it?  

The social death is exercised, the bourgeois in drag, the class ascent is asked and the paths of the queer icon Highsmith are walked. The Rewrite is a co-production with the Geneva Poche Theater and for the first time seriously crosses the Röstigraben.

Languages/Titles German/French (even if you speak only one of the two languages the piece is understandable)
Duration 90 minutes

A production of Theater Neumarkt in co-production with POCHE /GVE
Performing rights schaefersphilippen, Theater und Medien GbR, Köln


Chady Abu-Nijmeh, David Attenberger, Marek Recoursé und Daryl Xavier Stone

Production Team

Regie & Text: Jan Koslowski

Bühne: Chasper Bertschinger

Kostüme: Stephane Peeps (Faam Studio)

Musik: Xzavier Stone

Video: Juan Ferrari

Dramaturgie: Tine Milz

Bewegungsregisseur: Stephane Peeps

Regieassistenz: Giulia Rumasuglia

Ausstattungsassistenz: Naemi Marty

Übersetzung: Mathieu Bertholet

Chady Abu-Nijmeh

David Attenberger

Marek Recoursé

Jan Koslowski

Chasper Bertschinger

Juan Ferrari

Tine Milz

Stephane Peeps

Daryl Xavier Stone

Giulia Rumasuglia

Naemi Marty