Wir haben nichts zu verbergen!?

Ein digitalpolitischer Abend mit Adrienne Fichter, Karpi, Sylke Gruhnwald und Freundinnen

"If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." You hear this refrain again and again when it comes to surveillance and spying, state trojans and data retention.

You really have nothing to hide? We do! That's why we're diving into the Reduit for an evening, following the wanderings of surveillance and stored data that form almost complete decals of our lives. We decode the ciphers of mass surveillance and discuss Orwell's vision of "Big Brother is watching you" from "1984". It's about algorithms and encryption. And about fiber optics to Syria.

Language German

With Adrienne Fichter, Sylke Gruhnwald, Karpi, Kristina Malyseva and others
In collaboration with Die Republik


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