Vanilla Sex


"VANILLA SEX #let's bee butterfly!" is a sensual journey into the secret world of plant love. Birds do it, bees do it and even flowers and trees do it: let's fall in love! Humans didn't want to admit it for a long time, but the plant world has been having sex for 600 million years and evolution has trained some flowers to become true masters of the strategic art of seduction. This is about flowers, bees and the really big questions of life: is the red lip flower really sexy and the mimosa shy, is there floral appropriation and what about the human gaze? The plants have a lot to say - and this time they don't mince their words. Seduce us, beauty!

Language German

Idea Sascha Ö. Soydan 
Concept & text Nicole Oder and Sascha Ö. Soydan 
Director Nicole Oder
Set & Video Mona Glass 
Sound design Heiko Schnurpel 
Outside Eye Hayat Erdoğan

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  • datum

    23 May 2024

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    CHF 45.-/30.-/15.-

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    Chorgasse Neumarkt

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    Vanilla Sex