About dignity and hope

Reading and talk

The author Lubna Abou Kheir reads a new text and emphasizes how important it is that we join hands. Fittingly, the evening will also include an introduction to dabke, a line dance in which people hold each other's shoulders or hands and stamp on the floor. Dabke probably originated at a time when people in Levantine villages stamped clay with their feet together with neighbors and friends to build houses and roofs. People held hands and had to find a common step and rhythm. This later gave rise to the dance called dabke, which is danced today in many countries in the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean region. Together with the "Oliven Baum" association, Lubna Abou Kheir takes us by the hand and the evening ends in a big communal dance of togetherness. 

Reading German

Choreography Rakan Al Abadi