Neumarkt Gossips: Constance DeJong and «Modern Love»

After Silvia Federici, writer and artist Constance DeJong is the next guest in our series Neumarkt gossips. Almost 50 years after publishing her debut novel «Modern Love», deJong still embodies her words. On May 7th, she will perform parts of «Modern Love», and talk with us about gossip, desires, and night writings. Together we will lick the night away. 

«Modern Love» was published in 1977 when she was 27 and in the heat and heart of New York's art world. DeJong invented a narrative that is at once intimate and highly constructed. «Modern Love» is a feverish, passionate fantasy, a nouveau roman, a personal confession, historic story, science-fiction and realist fiction. It is a constant flow of motions that sucks you in until the end of her journey.

In short «Modern Love» is hot and sweet.

Language English
Pricing Pay what you can

With Constance DeJong
Moderation & Hosting Tine Milz & Geraldine Tedder

A coproduction of Theater Neumarkt and Kunsthalle Winterthur

In collaboration with Kunstverein München, IMAI – Inter Media Art Institute and Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf