A performative investigation of the "Jö effect"

"härzig" (swiss german) is small, fluffy, round, warm and soft. But is "härzig" simply innocent and helpless? Because it seems as if the "Jö effect" creeps into our bodies far from clearly definable attributions and infiltrates our systems. 
The installative performance "härzig" is a playful exploration of the pleasure garden of the cute feeling and invites us to consume the hard with all its nooks and crannies - to celebrate an anti-patriarchal intimacy.

Language German

Konzept/Künstlerische Leitung/Text Lucia Salomé Gränicher
Konzeptionelle Mitarbeit/Szenografie/Kostüme/Licht Julia Im Obersteg
Konzeptionelle Mitarbeit/Sounddesign/Performance David Brändlin
Konzeptionelle Mitarbeit/Performance Edith Kaupp Rivadeneira
Stimme Deborah Macaulay
Künstlerische Beratung Food Margaretha Jüngling
Nails Chloé Rouhling
Mentorat Hayat Erdogan
Outside Eye Eulalie Déguénon & Hanna Donald

Bild Julia Im Bodensteig
Model Paulina Zuppinger