Opening of the unerhört! - festival

Gemma Galeano - Ferran Gorrea and Shabaka Hutchings - Hamid Drake - Majid Bekkas

The young saxophonist Gemma Galeano opens the unerhört! festival with Ferran Gorrea. The duo, active since 2018, plays versatile music from classical to contemporary with free improvisation. Shabaka Hutchings, an influential British jazz musician, joins Hamid Drake and Majid Bekkas for the evening. Their fusion of jazz, Gnawa tradition and energy promises musical fireworks.

Gemma Galeano - Ferran Gorrea:
Saxophone Gemma Galeano 
Saxophone Ferran Gorrea

Shabaka Hutchings - Hamid Drake - Majid Bekkas:
Tenor saxophone, Clarinet, Flutes Shabaka Hutchings 
Vocals Majid Bekkas Guimbri 
Percussion Hamid Drake

A cooperation of unerhört! and Theater Neumarkt