A polyphonic immersion: Israel & Palestine

Reading based on literature recommendations from the Solothurn Literature Days

The cruel terror of October 7th, the rocket attacks, the ground offensive, the hostages, the dead, the hundreds of thousands of displaced persons... The latest escalation of violence in Israel/Palestine leaves us speechless.

How can we succeed in finding a language of humanity and understanding amidst the suffering and anger? The colleagues at the Solothurn Literature Festival respond with literature: "In view of our own speechlessness, the complex situation, the uncertain information situation and in the face of the anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim hatred that is becoming ever louder, we want to let books speak." Since the first of November, the literature festival has been publishing a book recommendation every day. These include non-fiction books, novels, poetry and graphic novels, with no claim to completeness.

The Neumarkt takes on the list and reads aloud from the polyphonic literature recommendations. Between the books, a musician searches for a language beyond words. The interplay of reading and concert creates an opportunity to listen together, a space for interpersonal stories, for gray areas and contradictions, a kaleidoscope of voices that tell of violence, but also of love, that allow for deepening and perhaps also offer a little hope and comfort.

You can find the literature recommendations of the Solothurn Literature Days HERE.
The Volkshaus bookshop will be on site with a book table.

with Melina Pyschny and Lukas Kubik and musical accompaniment
Language German