Meet Europe's Richest

A Participatory Forum on Wealth Concentration and Inequality.

Who are Europe's richest? Where do they have their money from, and what do they do with it? How do they translate their financial wealth into political influence? And how much inequality is fair? The Neumarkt and The European Correspondent, a new European media organisation, invite you to a participatory forum, to discuss these fundamental questions, and present the results of the investigation.

Language: English

David de Jong (Tel Aviv, Journalist)
Daniel Waldenström (Stockholm, Professor of Economics)
Chiara Putaturo (Brüssel, EU Inequality Advisor at Oxfam)
Julius E. O. Fintelmann (Amsterdam, Editorial Director TEC)
Zoé Gáspár (Amsterdam, Leading Editor TEC)
Sofiya Tryzub-Cook (Amsterdam, Leading Editor TEC)

A Collaboration between The European Correspondent (TEC) and Theater Neumarkt