All the Sex I’ve Ever Had

Five people from Zurich aged 65 and over enter the stage and begin to talk about their relationship life: from the first infatuation to the first heartbreak, unfulfilled longings, exciting affairs and the death of loved ones. Everything in turn, alternately and year by year. Childhood in the 40s and 50s, the pressure on unmarried couples, the sexual revolution at the end of the 60s, the taboo of being homosexual, coming out, great love, unsatisfying sex... Story after story, a social panorama of their time and a history of our city emerges.
In our youth-fixated society, "All the Sex I've Ever Had" shifts the focus to the oldest among us. Filled with joy and tragedy, this evening shows how much younger generations can learn from their predecessors and that aging can also mean walking through this world with an open mind and curiosity.

The successful format of the Canadian theater group Mammalian Diving Reflex has been seen in many theaters around the world: Austin, Glasgow, Helsinki, Ljubljana, Portland, Prague, Taipei, Singapore, Vienna or even the Sydney Opera House. Now the exciting journey through the decades starts in Zurich!

Content Awareness: This evening includes sexual experiences in the most diverse facets. Abuse and violence will also be addressed. 

Language: German
Duration: 100 min.

Supported by Ernst Göhner Stiftung
This presentation of "All The Sex I’ve Ever Had" is made possible in part thanks to grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council


Werner Baumann, Heidi Brenner, Nicoletta Stocker, Roger Nydegger, Rosmarie Wipf

Production Team

Regie: Mammalian Diving Reflex (Ryan Lewis, Craig McCorquodale, Felicity Nicol, Kanoko Tamura)

Dramaturgie: Tine Milz & Eneas Nikolai Prawdzic

Sound Design & MC: Rolf Laureijs

Bühne & Licht: Christian Horoszczak

Produktionsleiter: Ryan Lewis

Regieassistenz: Sophia Senn

Regiehospitanz & Übersetzung: Tara Venzi, Amélie Zimmermann, Cybèle Zinsli

Werner Baumann

Heidi Grebe

Nicoletta Stocker

Roger Nydegger

Rosmarie Wipf

Tine Milz

Eneas Nikolai Prawdzic

Rolf Laureijs

Christian Horoszczak

Ryan Lewis

Kanoko Tamura

Sophia Senn