Un/safe spaces

Series of talks on issues of migration, diversity and participation in Switzerland

Are you also concerned about the degree of polarization and self-reinforcing spirals of indignation in politics and the media, especially on issues like migration, integration, and racism? Tired of public debates that only simulate opinion-forming? Slain by more and more talk shows and hashtags on irritant words like identity politics, racism and discrimination? Do you also feel the desire to be on the right side and contribute to a better world? Do you suspect, deep down, that things are more complicated than that? Do you want a safe space where people treat you with respect, an open mind, and restraint in judgment? Do you nevertheless wish for insecurity, a space in which there is room for the tensions, differences and contradictions of today’s society — including those that pervade ourselves?
Then there is good news.
In the series Un/Safe Spaces with the historian, activist and co-president of the Institute New Switzerland INES, the discussion about migration, integration and racism goes one level deeper. The starting point is not pressing media events, but fundamental dimensions of human existence in the world improvement business: anger and hurt, guilt and shame, hope and solidarity.

Production Team

Concept & moderation: Kijan Espahangizi / INES — Institut neue Schweiz

dramaturgical support: Julia Reichert

Julia Reichert

Kijan Espahangizi

Hayat Erdoğan

Julian Warner