Free Thinkers Academy

Children from the age of five roll out the big questions

this series focuses on the thirst for knowledge and curiosity of children ages five and up. together with the little ones and a different guest each time, singer, activist, primary school teacher and ensemble member brandy butler works on socially relevant topics in a playful way. the goal is to encourage the children’s critical thinking, to encourage them to ask their own questions, to support them in their own creativity and to take them seriously in their concerns.

protest (25.01.2020)

the first issue deals with the topic of protest. after reading together the children’s book “der streik der stifte / the strike of the pencils” (maja beckmann) by drew daywalt, the group discusses through play, crafts, and conversation: what is protest? why do people protest? what are my rights as a child? afterwards there will be a small lunch.

climate and environment (29.02.2020)

after reading a children’s book together and listening to a child-friendly lecture by eth doctoral students on climate and climate change, the little thinkers approach the big questions through games, handicrafts and conversation: what actually is this climate? how does our behavior change the climate? and how can we positively influence our environment and our common living space? afterwards there will be a small lunch.

Production Team

Konzept: Brandy Butler, Tine Milz

Gäste: Maja beckmann, jörg schwahlen, sandra lange

Brandy Butler

Tine Milz

Jörg Schwahlen