Célia Lutangu

Scenography & Kollaborateur*in

Célia Lutangu is a Swiss curator and promotor with values. Currently based in Brussels, she co-organises two event projects: Leaving Dakota and Bledarte. With the first, together with Seelik Mutti, they encourage artistic exchange between local artists and art collectives based outside of Belgium that they invite through exhibitions, parties, talks, projection or workshops. Bledarte is a non-mixed collective of racialised women based in Brussels. Célia and her sisters aim to offer space for thinker, artists and clubbers descendant of immigrants. They are also active against police brutalities and any opressions non-white youth can face in Belgium. In June 2018 and then in September 2019 they organised a two-day festival that proved to be a great success. Célia is also know under the dj name of Wutangu, when she’s spinning tracks as a dj around Europe or for the artist Jardin.