Postponed: Mir wächst ein Schnauz

Transtrender Chroniken

Replacement date follows.

Sascha Rijkeboer is pop activist, visibility-maker, story-quing on Instagram and on the road with a new spoken word program. 

Sascha's texts tell about the very everyday experiences as a non-binary trans person in our society. Reflections are: One's own privileges, the complexity of a pluralistic society with a million subject offers, but also some regimentations to it. Above all, however, it is allowed to laugh heartily about being different and not being different and about the "normals". 

Sascha Rijkeboer (*1992) works in a bar in Basel, is committed to queer-feminist causes and does public relations work in various contexts, e.g. Sascha currently writes columns for Bajour and Missy Magazine.

By and with Sascha Rijkeboer