Charles Linsmayer in conversation with Lukas Hartmann about Pestalozzi

Hottinger Literature Talks

Series of discussions on Swiss literature of the 19th and 20th centuries

J. K. Lavater would not have entrusted him with the chicken coop, but as a king he would have made him an advisor. In fact Pestalozzi, born in Zurich in 1746, died in Brugg in 1827, failed with everything he undertook: in 1774 with the poorhouse in Birr, in 1799 with the orphanage in Stans, in 1805 with the institute in Burgdorf and in 1825 with the one in Yverdon, which, despite all its fame, fell victim to the quarrels of the staff. From the defeats, however, he added his wise “method” to Rousseau’s radical educational theory in “Lienhard and Gertrud” and elsewhere, which made him famous.

His image had long since frozen into a monument when Lukas Hartmann brought him back to the reality of his life in “Pestalozzi’s Mountain” in 1978 and made of him a “fallible human being” “who could give us courage to live more honestly, that is: more objectionably.”

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