Academy for processing disappointments of reason

Listening Sessions

Let’s face the big questions. Can we bear not to have an answer, to search, to reflect, to allow the ambivalences of the world, of being, of thinking. Let’s remember: “What was the world you thought you could have? What was it that we wanted to know? What was it that we were allowed to hope for?“
The “Academy for Processing Disappointments of Reason” takes up these questions of the German post-war philosopher Hans Blumenberg. It goes on a journey of thoughts, dares to think away from the opinion culture of the leading media, discusses current topics, movements and developments from different perspectives and puts them in front of the/our “absolutism of reality”; the “dictatorship of simple truths”.

Is it possible to ask questions about the larger context of meaning in a world devoid of meaning, when in parallel — to name a few — struggles are being waged for interpretive sovereignty, for empowerment, against racism? How do universalist ideas relate to particular interests and, for example, an identity-political essentialism? What happens when the dissensual political of thought and action is sacrificed in favor of a consensual ethic of silence? And vice versa when the politically thinking silence is drowned out by a loud roar and chatter?

In the format of listening sessions, Nora Al-Badri, multidisciplinary conceptual and media artist, María do Mar Castro Varela, postcolonial theorist and political scientist, and Hayat Erdoğan, dramaturg and Neumarkt co-director, philosophize and discuss these questions. In a radio setting they add live guests and also DJs.


Nora Al-Badri, Maria do Mar Castro Varela, Hayat Erdoğan und Gästen

Nora Al-Badri

Hayat Erdoğan