Stefan Stojanovic


How do you relate to plants, animals and algorithms?
Attentive and careful.

What is it worth fighting for?

What illusion you like to indulge in?
That change is possible.

What do you want to do when you’re old?
To go back to Serbia and build a big house with lions and swans on rocky pillars.
Joke. No big plans yet!

Stefan Stojanovic (born 1993 in Vranje, Serbia) is an artist who lives and works in Zurich. Since 201, Stefan is part of the artist duo Stirnimann-Stojanovic:

Stirnimann-Stojanovic each hold a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts: Nathalie Stirnimann from the Zurich University of the Arts and Stefan Stojanovic from the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia, and both have Master’s degrees in Fine Arts from the Zurich University of the Arts, a programme for which they enrolled and graduated as a duo.

Stirnimann-Stojanovic's concepts are manifested and materialized in situations, performances, words and objects. Central themes in their practice are social and structural issues. They are interested in exploring the boundaries between art, activism and society. “Art is not a mirror to hold to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” (B. Brecht)

The ongoing series “What if the walls were more flexible” being currently presented in the frame of the residency program of Theater Neumarkt was previously exhibited at: “Kunststipendium der Stadt Zürich”, Helmhaus, Zurich / Cantonale Bern-Jura, La Nef, Le Noirmont / Suluv Gallery in Novi Sad, Serbia

Stirnimann-Stojanovic's works were shown in Switzerland (ex: Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich; Helmhaus, Zurich; Kunsthalle Fri Art, Fribourg; Cantonale Bern-Jura, Le Noirmont; Arsenic, Lausanne; Kaserne, Basel; Stadtgalerie, Bern; Galerie C, Neuchâtel) and internationally (ex: MCaM, Shanghai (CN); Performance Art Biennale, Chandigarh (IN); Museo La Tertulia, Cali (CO); New Performance Festival Turku (FIN); U10, Belgrade (RS); Acción!MAD, Reina Sofia, Madrid (ES)).

Foto © Flavio Karrer