Paed Conca


If you would have to choose: Love play or fight?
All the 3! the even mix.…..

Does reality deserve suspiciousness?
YES always since reality is our own reality, so for everybody different.

Are you for sale?
No not really…I am still a human so never say no…If you look at history it seams everybody is.….but I think I am not for sale.

Is a revolution necessary?
yes! the why? well this would take to long but the world today is more scary then ever.

Conca plays clarinet and electric bass. He is active in the contemporary and improvised music scenes since 25 years. He collaborated with many different musicians, actors, dancers, painters, poets and performers.
He composed music for theater, dance, film productions and small ensembles, and performs with a lot of different projects like “PRAED“, “PORTA CHIUSA“ and many more.

Some of his past work
he composed the music for the „Übermut“ Performance in the shell of the Paul Klee museum with the ÖFF ÖFF theater in Bern (CH), „Selbstbezichtigung“ a play from Peter Handke with Ruth Schwegler, “PORTA CHIUSA“ for 3 clarinets and a movie/performance/poetry with poet and performer Heike Fiedler, the dance perfomance “One (idea) – happening live” from Jenni Arne and the play “collecting home” with Yara Bou Nassar

To name a few he performed at Meteo Jazzfestival Mulhouse (F), Archipel Festival
Geneva (CH), Bad Bonn Chilbi (CH), Artacts Festival in Sankt Johann (A), Doubt Music Festival in Tokyo (JP), Suoni per il popolo Festival in Montreal (CAN).

Foto: © Tanya Traboulsi