Orly Noa Rabinyan


Your favourite word?


What was the best advice you were given?

“Don’t let them tell you what to do”. Petey cries out this line to Stanley as he is being dragged out at the end of Pinter’s Birthday Party.

What is time?

Those extra 15 minutes I always need. For snoozing in the morning, for leaving to get there on time, for daydreaming.

What would you ask death in private?

To say hi to my dad.

Born in Israel to Persian parents, Orly Noa is an independent theatre director and writer, trained in London and in Tel Aviv. In search of cultural hybrids she created the Posthome directorial trilogy, which included: "AN INVENTED PERSIAN TEA CEREMONY", a participatory event performed at changing locations in Israel and NY. An adaptation of Luigi Pirandello’s story "THE MAN WITH THE FLOWER IN HIS MOUTH", performed in Hebrew and Italian at Jaffa & Haifa Theatres. The third part, "PARRHESIA", explored the connection between the rituals of wedding and burial, and premiered at Tmuna in Tel Aviv. 
Other selected credits: OMG by Anat Gov at Karl Der Grosse, Zurich. "HER ISRAELI STORY" – a cross disciplinary performance at Ebraica Festival, Rome. BULL by Mike Bartlett at Mara Theatre, nominated for Best Show & awarded Best Stage Design at the Israeli Fringe Awards. A site-specific adaptation inspired by Maurice Meaterlinck’s "INTERIOR" for the Banqiao 435 Art Zone in Taipei, Taiwan. "FLEABAG" by Phoebe Waller-Bridge performed in German at the Israel Festival, Jerusalem. "HONEYPOT" by Julia Pascal at the New Diorama theatre, London. Her play A "DROP IN THE SEA" at Tzavta, Tel Aviv. Orly Noa was an Artist in Residence at the Watermill Center as a co-founding member of the WWLab international directors’ collective. She received the Habima Award for Entrepreneurship in Theatre. Her work is supported by The Independent Artists’ Fund, Lottery Arts, AICF, Ministry of Culture and Asylum Arts. 
Orly Noa moved to Zurich in 2020, Multi Verse is her second piece here.