Myriam Boulos

Fotographie & Kollaborateur*in

If you would have to choose: Love play or fight?

How do you protect yourself?
I skin pick.

Do you believe in the effectiveness of protest?
Yes yes and yes.

Are you for sale?

What do you want to do when you’re old?
(Dye my hair in very light pink and do) Self portraits.

What books is on your bedside table?
“Faire l’amour” by Jean-Philippe Toussaint; “Active Art”; “The Gaze of Things: Japanese Photography in the Context of Provoke”; “PHotoBolsillo” by Humberto Rivas; “Looking For Love On The Left Bank” by Ed Van Der Elsken.

What was the best present that you got from someone or you gave to someone?
Flowers, always!

Born in Beirut in 1992, Myriam Boulos graduated with a master degree in photography from the Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts in 2015. She took part in both national and international collective exhibitions, including Photomed, Beirut Art Fair, Berlin PhotoWeek, Mashreq to Maghreb (Dresden, Germany), Beyond boundaries (New York), C’est Beyrouth (Paris) and 3ème biennale des photographes du monde arabe (Paris). She received the Byblos Bank Award for Photography in 2014, which lead to her first solo exhibition at the Byblos Bank in April 2015. Her second solo exhibition took place at the French institute of Lebanon in 2019.
Myriam uses her camera to question the city, its people, and her place among them. Her photo series are a mix of documentary and personal research.

Foto © Flavio Karrer