Merlin Züllig


Welcher Idee bist du treu? In which idea you stay devoted to?
Hard work eventually pays off

Mit wem unterhältst du dich am liebsten? With whom to you like to talk the most?
Friends and people that inspire me.

Welches Buch liegt auf deinem Nachttisch? What books is on your bedside table?
The Left Hand Of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin.

Kind oder Katze? Child or pet?

Merlin Züllig alias Modulaw (16.01.1996), an artist, composer, and sound-designer from Zurich, drawing his inspiration from experimental electronic music and soundart as well as more straight forward pop music such as contemporary rap and rnb.
This reflects in his work, ranging from acousmatic performances and sound- installations to his own records, projects with vocalists and scoring for movies.
Coming from studies in sounddesign and electroacoustic composition, his ear for textures, sonics and sounddesign is a common denominator in all of his work, seeking innovation through combining references from different worlds.

Foto © Flavio Karrer