Who actually watches all the theatrics? Die Voyeure!

DIE VOYEUR*INNEN  will be on the road again during the theater season 2021/2022. The group is open to all young persons between the ages of 15 and 25 who do not perform in the theater but watch and want to critically exchange ideas about what they have seen. There is also much to experience backstage: whether at Gessnerallee, Fabriktheater, Schauspielhaus, Theater Winkelwiese, Tanzhaus, Theater Neumarkt, Maxim Theater, Theater am Gleis, Theater Stadelhofen, Theater Ticino, Sogar Theater or Theater Winterthur, VOYEUR*INNEN meet every Thursday evening to watch a piece together and therefore probably see more theater and dance than anyone ever before. But it’s not just about looking, it’s also about discussion and critique.

What is my state of mind when I go out for an evening at the theater? When I leave am I different? What engages me about it? What doesn’t? Which kind of culture of discussion and exchange provides me with the most fruitful answers to my questions? Why do contemporary dancers often contort their bodies? Why does what I’m seeing right now bore me? Am I entitled to rate something as simply bad? Did anyone else besides me understand that piece in this way? DIE VOYEURE confront what is presented on stage and at the same time widen their own mindsets. They regularly invite theater and dance professionals or other experts to respond to the group’s observations, sharing and discussing their counter-positions.

The aim of VOYEUR*INNEN is to acquire the broadest possible insight into the entire landscape of theater and dance in Zurich, to explore the contemporary concept of theater, and last but not least, to become proven experts themselves.

Start: 09. September 2021
Meeting Point: Write an email to DIE VOYEURE and you will receive an invitation to the next meeting.
Duration: 09. September 2021 – 23. July 2022
Cost: chf 300 (including tickets)
Registration: zuerich@dievoyeure.ch
Further Information: www.dievoyeure.ch

DIE VOYEUR*INNEN Zürich are supported by: Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Kulturförderung Stadt Zürich, Cassinelli-Vogel-Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung and Partner institutions in the canton of Zurich.