Peru, what happened?

A conversation with Lourdes Huanca

Indigenous people are oppressed, murdered and arrested!

Lourdes Huanca, President of the Federation of Women Artisans, Wage Earners, Peasants and Indigenous People in Peru (umbrella organisation) gives us an overview of the situation of women and the Peruvian people in times of neoliberal rule.

On 07 December, Pedro Castillo, the then democratically elected president in Peru, was arrested and deprived of his office. Long before this coup, he had been harassed and politically persecuted by the far-right in parliament and by the official media.
Since Castillo's impeachment, the Peruvian people have been protesting (for more than 3 months now) to defend their democratic right. This is brutally repressed by the current Boluarte government. More than 80 people have been murdered, many have disappeared or have been illegally arrested.

Lourdes Huanca, President of the Fenmucarinap Federation is in Europe to denounce how the people from different ethnic cultures (Aymara, Quechua, Shipibos, among others) have suffered only injustice and oppression for more than 200 years. Today, with their uprising, they are saying "BASTA!" (enough!) 

Language: Spanish with German translation
An event by Quinto Suyo Suiza-Peru