A performative conference on hacking, whistleblowing, surveillance and freedom of information

the secret club of radical transparency presents:

A performative conference on hacking, whistleblowing, surveillance and freedom of information

Hackers and activists, whistleblowers and artists: They are the many faces of resistance. It is them who rebel against the technological experiments with oppression and fascim marked by incompetence, corruption, and violence against the vulnerable.

Because, no sh*t, the mania for technology, the rising aspiration of surveillance capitalism and the greed for data endanger democracy. Systemic issues of societies as well as the concept of power and dependencies are already hard-wired into new technologies, well hidden in alleged data objectivity and codes of software powering people and nature.

With the financial crises, the post-9/11 wars and the authoritarian playbooks poisoning modern societies, restricting freedom and inalienable fundamental rights, it is time to hack the system.

Rise – resist – rebel.

We need to talk about Hacktivists, Whistleblowers, Surveillance Capitalism, Freedom of Information and new digital trenches in the theatre of war.... The secret club has secrets to share. Dresscode & rules of the game: You will enter through the back door. Hide your face. Show your truth. Find Friends. Avoid Foes. We shall not know your name. Join the Club!

Follow the happy kitten.

Over the course of one weekend, the secret club of radical transparency (-_-(-_-(-_-)-_*)-_-), invites artists and reporters, hackers and activists from around the globe, supported by scholars and the ensemble of Theater Neumarkt to debate those current affairs, share their perspectives on future concepts of technology – and dance to the beat of maia arson crimew and Chelsea Manning.

Day 1: hacktivism, whistleblowing & the price of activism

Day 2: hacking back surveillance capitalism in art, science and technology

Day 3: war and digital partisans

With Chelsea Manning, Sylke Gruhnwald, Adrienne Fichter, Maureen Webb, maia arson crimew, Digitale Gesellschaft, Lilith Wittmann & pajowu, Mentah, Shusha Niederberger, Dries Depoorter, Kolladderall, The Grugq, Yuliana Shemetovets & the Belarusian Cyber Partisans, Maksym Rokmaniko & Center for Spatial Technolgies (CST), Yara Bou Nassar, David Attenberger, Melina Pyschny, Julia Reichert.

This program was non-secretly created by maia arson crimewSylke GruhnwaldJulia Reichert and Eneas Prawdzic
Scenography Dominic Huber
Video Scenography Juan Ferrari, Robert Meyer