A digital fairy tale

We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. Little Red Riding Hood, the blonde, sweet-hearted girl who is eaten by the evil wolf and has to wait with her grandmother until a hunter frees the two defenseless women from the wolf's belly. This story is lame! This is not my story. My name is Red. Instead of being lost in the woods, I'm at home on the Internet, playing video games, posting videos on Tiktok, and meeting my followers in chat rooms. This goes well until an avatar named Wolf writes to me. I'll tell you what happens next in real life. I'll only say this much: The Internet forest is magical, but watch out! Anyone can be a wolf. In the play "Red" you will experience an adventure full of likes, games and the coolest dances to the music of Nemo, which the pop star wrote for the fairy tale.

Language: German
From 8 years


Brandy Butler, Luka Dimić, Melina Pyschny

Production Team

Konzept & Regie: Brandy Butler

Co-Konzept: Bendix Fesefeldt

Dramaturgie: Eneas Nikolai Prawdzic

Bühne: Noé Wetter

Kostüm: Paula Henrike Herrmann

Musik: Nemo

3D Animation: Kamran Behrouz

Video: Juan Ferrari

Outside Eye: Fynn Malte Schmidt

Regieassistenz: Sophia Senn

Melina Pyschny

Brandy Butler

Luka Dimić

Eneas Nikolai Prawdzic

Paula Henrike Herrmann


Juan Ferrari

Sophia Senn