Proudly Presenting: Open Cunt

An interactive evening about the magical power of the hungry cunt, with short films and unpublished images from the publication "CUNT - Love letter to a swear word".

Celebrating the hungry cunt! A plea for feminist porn and shame-free vulva exploration.

Artist and co-founder of the film and art festival "Porny Days" Talaya Schmid has been making the Zurich art world happy with her vulva-shaped tufting works and performances for quite some time. Recently, her beautiful publication "CUNT - a love letter to a swear word" was released. Cultural scientist, author and (s)expert Oliwia Hälterlein has also contributed to it. In artistic and mediating projects she deals with anatomical reality, against the myth of the "hymen" and for the de-shaming of the vulvasphere. 
The two meet at the intersection of art and feminism, and at Neumarkt they invite us to an interactive evening.
They will present the anatomy and cultural-historical development of the "open cunt" in a performance-lecture with unpublished images from the publication, as well as film screenings (including "Circluding Cunt" by Talaya Schmid). Participants will discover together the feminist rebellion of the Anasyrma and receive a video message from writer, journalist, cultural scientist Mithu Sanyal.

By & with Talaya Schmid and Oliwia Hälterlein.

The evening is open to persons 18 years and older and to all genders.

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