We Were Born in the Middle of the Sea

When was the last time you let your body slowly sink into the sea? What about immersing yourself into stories of water between us? "Our" sea is a stage of and for encounters with bodies whose history of displacement has an intrinsic relationship with bodies of water. This sea that binds us all in its amniotic, hypnotic and nourishing dimensions while remaining the territory of capitalistic and geopolitical trauma. How coincidental is it that hurricanes and internet cables follow the same path as the Middle Passage? We Were Born in the Middle of the Sea proposes a heterotopia*, a space for new somatic, poetic and political commitments where the water goddess Yemenja, the Tempestaires and other living chimeras meet and transform themselves. An imaginary path at the crossroads of practices, stories and identities, narrated and co-composed by seven voices as a polyphonic score.

*heterotopia: a strange or ambivalent place – a place that defies the normal logic of ordering.

Language: English, French and Spanish with English subtitles.
Location: Tanzhaus Zürich
Tickets: Tanzhaus Zürich

Coproduction Tanzhaus Zürich, Theater Neumarkt
Supported by Stadt Zürich Kultur, Stadt Genf, Villa Arson (FR)


Ndoho Ange, Juan Ferrari, Fallon Mayanja, Esther Meunier Corfdyr, Nicolas Pirus, Sandar Tun Tun, Mawena Yehouessi

Production Team

Dramaturgische Begleitung Tanzhaus Zürich: Marc Streit

Fotos: Mawena Yehouessi, Juan Ferrari, Ndoho Ange, Esther Meunier Corfdyr, Nicolas Pirus