morgen dann

Scenic reading with music

The scenic reading with music moves between above and below, between yesterday and tomorrow. Far above, the planets and Pluto circle. In the distance they see something coming towards them. A few astronauts have been sent from Earth in search of a new planet and are celebrated as pioneers. From their space capsule they see the sun rising again and again behind the earth, while further down capitalism rages and a few mushrooms try to save the world. The text questions power relations, positioning and utopia.

Language German


Melanie Durrer, Meret Feigenwinter, Max Hübner, Josef Mohamed, Laura Ritzenfeld, Edith Kaupp Rivadeneira, Aleksandra Sucur und Georg Weislein

Production Team

Text: Laura Ritzenfeld

Endregie: Melanie Durrer

Ausstattung: Noé Wetter

Laura Ritzenfeld

Melanie Durrer

Noé Wetter

Georg Weislein