Maksym’s Diary

Rhythmic and Vibrational Documentary Performance

How does it feel when the base, the ground on which you stood, lost and regained your balance, suddenly starts moving and becomes unstable? If the world is money, then people are flesh. Anastasia Matseliukh transforms the diary of the young Ukrainian soldier, Maksym, into an installation. His experiences, thoughts, and reflections become a physical experience.

Language English
Price pay what you can
By & with Anastasia Matseliukh

A production of Altchemie-live TANDEM

Anastasia Matseliukh was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. She studied curative pedagogy and psychology in Kyiv. She was a curator of educational and modern art projects at the Gogol Fest (a multi-festival of contemporary art).
She worked for 7 years at the Waldorf School in Kyiv and gained extensive experience in the social and psychological field. Currently, she is practically studying contemporary performative art in the process of implementing the project "Maxim's diary" under the guidance of Neumarkt theater and Altchemie-live TANDEM.

Production Team

Konzept, Video Interviews & Live Performance: Anastasia Matseliukh

Text: Maksym

Stimme: Yevheniia Zelenska

Stimme: Yan Balistoy

Sound Collage: German Kiyyan

Outside Eye: Manuel Gerst

Technischer Support: Robert Meyer

Stimmaufnahme: Rolf Laureijs

Anastasia Matseliukh