Long Covid & me/CFS - A never ending story?

24-hour reading of testimonials

A Long Covid ME/CFS Reading Marathon. A day and a night of experiences without a break. A small act of solidarity and learning to understand.
From Friday 16:00 to Saturday 16:00 we will read together accounts of those affected, poetic, banal, angry or factual narratives of what it is like to live with Long Covid for years and comparable diseases like ME/CFS for decades around the clock. 

Streamed live on the web or live in Neumarkt (tea, coffee and soup available all night).
Finally, a panel invites in-depth debate.

Whoever wants to declare solidarity, whoever wants to help, and whoever wants to read along a bit, please contact us in advance at: → chantal.britt@long-covid-info.ch (preferably with the desired time).

Click here for the detailed call.
Those who would like to share their own experience with Long Covid or ME/CFS can do so here: link.
(All forms & languages are welcome, 1 word, one page or 10, short or long, poetic or banal, concrete or literary. Audio messages also possible).

Illustration Masayuki-Kawase