An interactive experience


Hacking tells of many things. It tells of social architectures of anarchistically organized hacking collectives, of distorted media reporting, and of physical bodies dissolving online. But what is a hack apart from programming language, forums, gaps in firewalls, or the dark web? Hacking subverts everyday practices not only online, but also in physical space. 

In “Hacken“, robot and host Betty Botty guides and will lead you through a hack that diffuses the separation of digital aesthetics and analog space. Hacken invites you to become part of a temporary community and try yourself out as a hacker without any preconditions. Take a new look at hardened myths and clichés and surrender to the transformation of space. 

Language: German

By and with Betty Botti, Eulalie Déguénon, Lucia Salomé Gränicher, Leonie Lerch, Jana Meyer, Lukas Müllner, Luca Stengl, Noé Wetter, Amelie Wyss
Stage Concept Eulalie Déguénon, Niklaus Huber, Linus Jacobson, Simona Krauer, Lukas Müllner, Noé Wetter
Mentorates Sylke Gruhnwald, Dominic Huber, Sylvia Sobottka

In collaboration with Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Studiengänge Bühnenbild, Dramaturgie und Regie.