Gaddafi Gals, Elfrid The Third & Ivan Eyes and Ralph Tharayil

Das Wetter Magazin presents:

The Berlin-based "Wetter Magazin für Text und Musik" (and everything in between) presents for the first time a salon evening in Switzerland and brings a fine selection of exciting artists on stage. Ex-Baslians Elfrid The Third & Ivan Eyes present their debut album, which combines R&B futurisms with deep spoken word. The feminist Berlin-Vienna hip-hop and R&B trio Gaddafi Gals consists of Slimgirl Fat, Walter p99 arke$tra and Blaqtea, who is otherwise making waves as Ebow

The literary part of the evening, in turn, is dedicated to Ralph Tharayil and his debut novel "Nimm die Alpen weg" (Edition Azur). Ralph grew up in Basel, lives in Berlin, and spent a long time there polishing this text, which is undoubtedly one of the most exciting books of the spring. On the one hand there will be a reading from "Nimm die Alpen weg", on the other hand the trio behind our podcast "Das Neue" (Tine Milz, Zeynep Bozbay & Sascha Ehlert) and Sofia Elena Borsani will talk about the book.

The evening is presented in cooperation with Das Wetter Magazin.