BRUCH Varieté - Carl Einstein, Die schlimme Botschaft

A soirée between Neumarkt and Cabaret Voltaire

The series BRUCH varieté explores cabaret and varieté forms as precarious laboratories for individualised and ephemeral modes of rupture, mixing commercial entertainment, aestheticised revolt and esoteric experiment. For Cabaret Voltaire, BRUCH adapts Carl Einstein’s didactic play ‚Die schlimme Botschaft’ (1921) as an an agitprop variety show. The anarchist art theorist’s long forgotten piece, which was banned in 1922 for «blasphemy», will premiere at the Soirée in the form of performative drafts developed with the ensemble of Theater Neumarkt over the course of a week long workshop.

Language German & English


BRUCH, David Attenberger, Sofia Borsani, Challenge Gumbodete, Stanislav Iordanov, Yara Bau Nassar, Melina Pyschny

David Attenberger

Melina Pyschny

Yara Bou Nassar

Sofia Elena Borsani

Challenge Gumbodete