Performer Lulu Obermayer goes on a time travel through the (political) history of cabaret with ensemble member Challenge Gumbodete. From the Pfeffermühle around Erika Mann and Therese Giehse to the Cabaret Cornichon, which was once located in the Neumarkt, to the dancer Josephine Baker, icon of the Paris cabaret and the Résistance.

Two perfomers in the backstage, in exile - shortly before the performance - a sensual encounter between the worlds!

Language: German / English
Duration: 55 Minutes


Lulu Obermayer, Challenge Gumbodete

Production Team

von: Lulu Obermayer, Challenge Gumbodete

Dramaturgische Begleitung: Tine Milz

Lulu Obermayer

Challenge Gumbodete

Tine Milz