Zwischen den Welten. Von Macht und Ohnmacht im Iran.

Book presentation & talk with Natalie Amiri

What do you do when you can't fill up your tank on a research trip in the Iranian mountains because gasoline is scarce due to Western sanctions? Or if you wear pants that are supposedly too short and the punishment is having to climb into a barrel of black paint? And why did Amiri keep traveling to Iran despite all the warnings? 
Natalie Amiri grew up in Munich in a German-Iranian family and lived and worked in Tehran for over six years. She is one of the few German journalists who knows Iran in detail and succeeds in classifying the international political events surrounding the Islamic Republic intelligently and precisely. She authentically describes her life between two worlds and different cultures and gives us an understanding of how the political situation in Iran has developed since the 1979 revolution. It is the book of a modern young woman and a courageous journalist who accepts the highest personal risks to give the people of Iran a voice and to report on everyday life in a country between forbidden parties and sanctions. From teachers to drug addicts, from the revolutionary leader Khamenei to Iran's first female soccer star - Natalie Amiri lets them have their say and shows us the unexpected facets of the Muslim Republic of Iran.

In conversation, Natalie Amiri discusses life between worlds.

Natalie Amiri
Born in 1978, Natalie Amiri grew up between Persian carpets and organic vegetables in middle-class Munich. The daughter of a German and an Iranian, she studied Oriental Studies and Islamic Studies at the Otto Friedrich University in Bamberg. A scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) took her to the universities of Tehran and Damascus. Since 2011, she has represented the correspondents in the ARD studios of BR, including in Istanbul, Athens and Rome. Since 2014, she has hosted the "ARD-Weltspiegel" from Munich as well as the BR-Europe-Magazin "Euroblick". From 2015, Natalie Amiri headed the ARD office in Tehran. In May 2020, she was warned by the German Foreign Office not to enter Iran anymore for security reasons and therefore had to give up the management of the Tehran TV studio.