Trottinett Ballett


How to Wow? E-scooters, perhaps the most unpopular means of transportation since the Segway disaster, are looking for their place in the spotlight. "Trottinett Ballett" has recognized their potential, scaled at lightning speed, and is now investing in poetry and passion. Finally e-mobility and entertainment, finally unicorn capitalism that is fun. Everything is possible if you only believe in it: venture is adventure.

Foot. Push. Go. We have taken the machines off the road, nurtured them, cared for them and trained them. Our start-up frees the machine from its everyday use - we drive in sync, in circles and in formation, the first and the last mile, cruising through pitches and customer reviews, gig work, IPOs and vandalism. And: we circle around our complicated love story with the sharing economy - where we share more and more, and yet get no closer to each other.

The team around film and theater director Piet Baumgartner develops - at eye level with the machines - a visual poem with documentary roots, a kind of "Starlight Express" from the start-up world, a traffic choreography of strange beauty.

Language German
Supported by Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Vehicles provided by Voi Scooters


Brandy Butler, Andri Schenardi, David Attenberger, Loulou Debatin, David Gottlieb

Production Team

von: Piet Baumgartner, Julia Reichert, Rio Wolta

Regie: Piet Baumgartner

Dramaturgie: Julia Reichert

Konzeptmitarbeit: Rio Wolta

Bühne: Simeon Meier

Kostüm: Lea Niedermann

Regieassistenz: Selina Hess

Rechercheassistenz: Valentina Zingg

Bühnenbildassistenz: Noé Wetter

Piet Baumgartner

Julia Reichert

Rio Wolta

Simeon Meier

Lea Niedermann

Selina Hess

Brandy Butler

Andri Schenardi

David Attenberger

David Gottlieb

Loulou Debatin