Gretel und Hänsel

An enchanting educational piece of anti-capitalism for all people from 5 years onwards

Two children are abandoned in the forest because there is not enough food for the whole family. The well-known fairy tale, which deals with fear, courage, hope, cohesion, poverty and abundance, has been told to children for several centuries. For this reinterpretation — loosely based on the Brothers Grimm — Lange, Machaz and the musicians Xzavier Stone and Merlin Modulaw are aiming for one thing above all: that it will be scary and funny. Capitalism is explained by rabbits, fears are shredded in the fear shredder, blind gallery owners fizzle out under foam bombs, bears with digestive problems protect Gretel and Hansel, comrade trees sing songs against the injustices of the world, and a greedy bird shows children the way back. “Gretel und Hänsel” is a fairy tale for adults and children, which takes economic hardship as the big issue of our time as its starting point and attracts and enchants the audience, just like the witch in her gingerbread house.


An evening with a twinkle in the eye. The playfulness, the wit and the lightness of the evening have great class. A funny, colorful and in gesture absolutely contemporary fairy tale retelling. (SRF Kultur Kompakt)


Nina Emge, Gina Lorenzen, Nils Amadeus Lange, Annina Machaz, Jakob Leo Stark und Rahel Sternberg

Production Team

Direction & Equipment: Annina Machaz und Nils Amadeus Lange

dramaturgy: Tine Milz

Music: Daryl Stone & Merlin Züllig

Stage Collaboration & Equipment Assistance: Lea Niedermann

Assistant Director: Selina Hess / Kenza Nessaf

Tine Milz

Lea Niedermann

Jakob Leo Stark

Rahel Sternberg

Annina Machaz

Nils Amadeus Lange

Nina Emge

Gina Lorenzen

Daryl Xavier Stone

Merlin Züllig

Kenza Nessaf

Selina Hess