warten auf: warten auf godot

a tree with distant performers

“waiting for godot” isn’t coming after all. or not yet. the players from theater hora have to stay in their home office because of corona – although they would have just rehearsed samuel beckett’s “waiting for godot” with players from neumarkt. it’s a classic about the sense and nonsense of human existence, in which vladimir and estragon wait and dodot doesn’t come. the piece says, “only the tree lives.”

we believe that godot is still coming. maybe not today. but tomorrow for sure. or in spring. that’s why we don’t stop. we can not. that’s just as well, waiting. and: waiting is good, you can drink tea there.

as hora player robin gilly says:

“i like to wait for casseroles.
i still like to wait for my left shoe.
i am waiting for a cold soup.
i am waiting for a beautiful life.
i like to wait.
on my left ear.”

we are now experts at waiting. so instead of a theater performance, we invite you to a theatrical installation, with shadows of all that was and traces of what will be when it comes.

a coproduction with theater hora – stiftung züriwerk


“the corona metatheater: this is possibly one of the new pandemic formats of this fall season, which will be remembered later. the play about the play that could not be realized. ‘only the tree lives,’ says wladimir in beckett’s play. neumarkt takes this as a starting point for a short, light-footed ‘godot’ reflection, almost without live presence on stage, but in the play with the actors who are ‘distant’ in a double sense. and with all the jokes circling within itself, this ‘godot’ sketch comes closer to beckett than many other productions.” nachtkritik


noha badir, alireza bayram, robin gilly, matthias grandjean, lucas maurer, Sascha Özlem Soydan

Production Team

Konzept & Regie: Nele Jahnke (Theater Hora) & Manuel Gerst (Monster Truck)

Ausstattung: Manuel Gerst

Konzept & Dramaturgie: Julia Reichert

Regieassistenz: Kenza Nessaf

Ausstattungsassistenz: Leonie Müller

Technische Beratung : Alexander Buers

Sound: Rolf Laureijs

Video: Robert Meyer

Noha Badir

Alireza Bayram

Robin Gilly

Matthias Grandjean

Lucas Maurer

Sascha Özlem Soydan

Nele Jahnke

Manuel Gerst

Julia Reichert

Kenza Nessaf

Robert Meyer