Under New Mangagement

A performance

“they say to dress for the job you want to get in life. the same applies to hydration. if you want to be the best – and most popular – you need to drink the best. that means champagne, lots of champagne.”

a conference room on the top floor of a glass tower: panoramic view of skyscrapers, the skyline – far below, the city, cars and people, small as ants. at the center of the action is a woman, alone in the office, between empty executive chairs, visible and on display. a pyramid of glasses in the hall testifies to an aperitif that will soon take place. admission by personal invitation only, rsvp. exclusivity means success in this competition for advancement and visibility, for belonging and exclusion, for empowerment and exploitation.

playing with the symbols of capitalist logics of exploitation and narratives of optimization, this solo performance questions the ambivalences of transparency, social systems of order and social networks.

«under new management» is a master’s thesis of the theater, acting program in cooperation with zurich university of the arts.


Nora Wagner

Production Team

Konzept & Performance: Nora Wagner

Bühne & Mitarbeit Konzept & Foto: Maximilian Schneider

Kostüm: Isabell Reisinger

Outside Eye: Hayat Erdoğan

Mentorat: Peter Ender, Oliver Mannel, Ted Stoffer

Nora Wagner

Hayat Erdoğan