Shitfluencers Digest: Inside Zürich

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they were called to zurich, they are supposed to make switzerland sexy again, they have the license to influence. the sought-after pr agent porno ralle pr understands the business of a general overhaul in terms of image pimping. advertising should not be vague or ambiguous. clear thing. a clear case. and that’s why porno ralle pr has brought them to zurich: the shitfluencer:innen.

shitfluencers digest, the successful city and high culture marketing series, is in zurich for the first time. three weeks they advise, explore, train, interview everyone and everything of note. the main thing is no drama. soon the hashtag geilischweizi (#geilischweizi) will be trending, the cheese lobby will have a taste for political theater with a lot of good conscience. shitfluencers digest gives exclusive insights into the beautiful world of neutral people — with exclusive behind the scenes of the most fascinating people in picturesque places.

together with his four shitfluencers, pardon, we mean shitfluencer:innen, of course, and ghettollectual shittalks, whose motto is “baby drink, baby puff, but please no drama”, porno ralle pr wants to help zurich to a new image, as well as the german-speaking theater, which is currently in a major crisis. in the inside zurich issue, shitfluencer:innen aya huasca, wassertrinkerin, lola von wegen and dominá vaginá dentatá are out and about in the city and relevant cultural institutions of zurich. they bring to light unexpected information about etiquette, neutrality, history(s), and extraordinary displacement mechanisms. the ultimate shitshow, the grand finale “that’s the real shit” finally presents insta-feuilletonistically the highlights and best tips for #geilischweizi.

shitfluencers digest: inside zurich — clitoral healing is not an empty promise here. 

you can follow shitfluencers digest: inside zurich in our media library from june 7 to 27, 2021.


Mateja Meded, Wassertrinkerin, Lola von Wegen, Porno Ralle PR aka PRPR, Aya Huasca, Dominá Vaginá Dentatá & Gästen

Production Team

Concept, direction, editing, play: Mateja Meded

Dramaturgy: Hayat Erdoğan

Mateja Meded

Hayat Erdoğan