Parlament der Dinge, Tiere, Pflanzen und Algorithmen (Parliament of things, animals, plants and algorithms)

Theater as agility park

residence in the chorgasse 

with the “parliament of things, animals, plants and algorithms” the artists seraina dür and jonas gillmann explore cross-species storytelling and living together. under the motto theater as agility park, the two together with five pigeons become the first interspecies theater company. with communication kits, séances, mobile dovecote and reading groups, they practice together with the audience a future, less anthropocentric coexistence. inspired by theorists such as lynn margulis and donna haraway, the resident*s search for ways of relating to the non-human that account for the complex entanglements in a damaged world.

“and it’s worth it. because it’s a vacation for the mind to think about the relationship to the non-human and about a different worldview than the anthropocentric one.” (nzz)


Seraina dür, jonas gillmann, fünf tauben

Production Team

concept: Seraina dür, jonas gillmann

companions: Fünf Tauben

Architecture dovecote: Anne Linke

reading group: Sara Bernasconi

Séance: vreni spieser

Seraina Dür

Jonas Gillmann