Know Your Enemy

Walk-in audio and radio play installations

know your enemy – do we know our enemies? and what is that actually, an enemy, an enemy stereotype? what if we experience ourselves as the enemy? sometimes antagonists are obviously recognizable, sometimes they are hidden and cannot be unmasked as such. what do we actually attribute to whom? and what do my enemies say about me?

we move in the field of tension between man and nature, man and technology, and man vs. man. narratives are scrutinized and radically retold. what does it sound like when animal and human meet? what do sexual encounters between bodies sound like? how long is the list of animals that became extinct in the anthropocene, anyway? and what happens when one’s own fantasies or sexuality becomes the enemy?

zhdk students from different majors dissect these questions and transform them into auditory formats that can be experienced spatially in chorgasse.

a cooperation with the theater program of the zurich university of the arts


Nina Balmer, Anna-Katharina Bánó, Salomon Baumgartner, Anna Rebecca Bertram, Ed Bracey, Jana Brändle, Lucia Salomé Gränicher, Veronika Müller-Hauszer, Charlotte Oeken, Carlo Raselli, Kian Schwabe, Stefanie Steffen, Ophelia Sullivan, Leonardo Raab, Edith Kaupp Rivadeneira, Janna Antonia Rottmann, Luca Vincenzi, Max Woelky und weitere Kompliz*innen

Production Team

Concept and management: erik altorfer, sabine harbeke