unlearning acts

A dictionary performed by Jakob Leo Stark

“Today we learn the following new words: sea, highway, shotgun. A ’sea’ is the leather chair with wooden armrests. An example: don’t stand there like that. Sit on the ’sea’ and talk to me. A ‘highway’ is a very violent wind. ‘Shotgun’ is a beautiful white bird.” (From “Dogtooth”, Giorgos Lanthimos, 2009) Imagine if the world consisted only of a narrative and its accompanying vocabulary: Would we be able to rewrite history? In the one-person play, actor Jakob Leo Stark exposes himself to this attempt and, in repeating the story, reaches for the liberating mutation. An evening about family, language systems, and trying to escape your own programming.


Jakob Leo Stark

Production Team

Regie und Ausstattung: Maximilian Hanisch

Dramaturgie: Eneas Nikolai Prawdzic

Dramaturgieassistenz: Sarah Calörtscher

Jakob Leo Stark

Maximilian Hanisch

Eneas Nikolai Prawdzic

Sarah Calörtscher